We offer a highly discreet and personalized art advisory service that covers all aspects of building, managing and realizing the potential of a collection.


We specialize in the collecting fields of Modern and Contemporary art and we put discreet, objective, personalized acquisition strategies to work to create collections that reflect your vision.


We assist both established and beginning collectors in purchasing artworks that fits within their collecting goals. We truly enjoy working with new collectors. Often there is an interest in buying art, but sometimes a confusion about the workings of the art world or where to begin. We can help providing personal and professional care to guide and educate beginning collectors. We help clients define their taste in art, and offer a launching place for exploration. At some point in the process, tastes are refined further and as works are acquired the collection takes form.


We work with established collectors in a curatorial role; helping them continue their search for specific additions to their collections and advising them on when and what to sell. We also offer database management for large collections, as well as consultation with framing, conservation, insurance, museum loans, and de-acquisition. We want our clients to live with art that will continuously engage and inspire them. 


We understand where to source art, how to value it and how to sell it.

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